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  1. MY headphones (Razer Carcharias) emit a high-pitched coil whine into my ears. It's quite subtle on the desktop, but as soon as I put my PC into load like when I launch a game, it becomes a squeal..
  2. g from the computer itself but bleeding into my headphones or something. I tried using a different pair of headphones and nothing changed. I have a pair of sony mdr7506s. My audio card is a.
  3. The problem is that I can hear the coil whine buzzing in my open-back headphones and it's driving me INSANE. Plugging the headphones into the back of the PC causes the buzzing to happen in the right ear cup while plugging into the front panel causes it in both ear cups. It only happens when I'm playing a game that causes the card to really work
  4. Since the coil whine/headphone buzzing only started recently, might it only be a problem with the PSU and not necessarily the GPU? I would imagine that a GPU predisposed to coil whine would start doing it on day one, not months after the fact. I ordered a cheap USB headphone jack through amazon, and I'll see how that works, but if there's a fix for this I'd love to know. 4 comments. share.
  5. Coil whine, heard in my headset. I just transferred my PC into a new case, and now I am getting coil whine in my gpu while playing games or doing benchmarks. It's on the same settings in afterburner as before, nothing has changed besides the case. (MSI 1070Ti, EVGA 650W 80+ Bronze) I am also hearing it in my headphones which is making using the.
  6. g, I can hear GPU coil whine through my headphones which are connected to the front panel 3.5mm connector. I also have speakers connected to the rear motherboard connector with a separate amplifier and they also have this annoying whine. PSU is connected to a grounded plug and it doesn't have any coil whine

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GPU Coil Whine Audible Through Headphones. By SWKS July 31, 2018 in Graphics Cards. gpu; coil whine; buzzing; whining; audible; Share Followers 1. SWKS; Member · 4 posts; 4 posts; Posted July 31, 2018. I just upgraded my graphics card and I noticed when using ear buds or headphones, a faint whirring/whining sound comes through and in more graphically intense loads such as games, it manifests. Im getting bad coil whine when I game with my gtx 670s in SLI on BF4 through the headphones, anyone know how to stop it? THe headphone jack is plugged into normal audio out jack at rear of motherboar,d specs as per my sig rig. Thank GPU coil whine is a high pitched or high-frequency sound coming from the inductors or chokes present on the graphics card's PCB. Inductors or Chokes are an important component of the VRM circuitry of the graphics card. They are used to block AC current while allowing DC current to pass through

Es ist ein hohes elektronisches Quietschen oder Kratzengeräusch, und es ist wirklich ärgerlich. Was ist Coil Whine? Auf rein technischer Ebene bezieht sich Coil Whine auf ein unerwünschtes Geräusch, das von einer elektronischen Komponente erzeugt wird, die vibriert, wenn Strom durch ein elektrisches Kabel fließt XPS 13 Coil Whine through headphones. I purchased a Dell XPS 13 9360 (the new model). Overall, while clearly audible, I can live with the coil whine from the laptop. However, when I plug in my headphones, I can very clearly hear the coil whine over music while it is playing. This issue affects both windows 10 and Linux, and so I think it might. Coil whine will originate from the card and will not be heard through the headphones. You failed to specify what type of audio card you're using. Blackenend is right; coil whine is physical noise.. Simply put, coil whine is a high-pitched noise caused by vibrations in electromagnetic coils. When a current passes through an inductor (an electronic component), it causes its copper wire to vibrate against its core with a high, audible frequency. This annoying sound is what we refer to as coil whine Coil whine occurs in numerous electronic components. Sometimes audible, sometimes inaudible, sometimes massively disturbing and is not limited to GPUs. The issue is merely particularly popular and noticeable there. While a squeaking smartphone power supply is at most briefly annoying, a squeaking graphics card ruins gaming sessions

I use headphones, so I could care less if my GPU fan ramps up when I play games. As I have a custom loop fitted and my GPU/CPU are under water, things like coil whine become extremely noticable. Also, I use open-ear headphones so ambient noise needs to be low for me otherwise it becomes extremely frustrating hearing an audible mechanical resonance of the coils. Thank you for your invaluable. Coil Whine through headphone jack after suspend (linux) I purchased a Dell XPS 13 9360 (the new model). Overall, while clearly audible, I can live with the coil whine from the laptop. However, when I plug in my headphones, I can very clearly hear the coil whine over music while it is playing. When I first boot my laptop, there is only a small amount of clicking through the headphones. The. g. Coil whine can be caused by video cards, motherboards, power supplies, or even slight incompatibilities between these items

Coil whine can be caused by almost anything within the system, so you may not hear coil whine after a few days. Before doing any of the time-intensive or expensive fixes, wait for at least 72 hours to see if the whining will go away on its own. While this doesn't always happen, it may be worth it to wait. - Replace the Part That Whines. If you can determine which part is whining, you can. Coil Whine is common on Video Cards these days, but sometimes you can get rid of most of it with this easy solution. Learn more about EVGA's ACX 3.0 cooler.. Coil whine is really nothing to be concerned about. It can be annoying, of course, but it isn't like a rattling engine or a squeaking wheel—the noise is a byproduct of your PC and graphics card's normal operation. Your system isn't losing any performance or longevity because of coil whine. (Note: if you hear a distinct hissing or high-pitched whistling instead of a buzz or scratch. This ultrabook seems to make a high pitch buzzing noise when the backlight is turned on!Check out the full review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_sJaI..

Send your questions on Twitter with the hashtag #AskDanWindows and Dan might answer it in the next episode! In this episode:- How do you see Cortana expandin.. Wenn du mit VSYNC und Headset noch Coil-Whine hörst, ist es wohl unerträglich ohne VSYNC und ohne Headset. Würde ich zurückschicken. PC: 3700X/32GB/Vega56 OC@1V UV@Morpheus II/µATX/WQHD+FHD. 0. 66. Apr 1, 2014. #4. The whine only comes through when I use the case's port. When I plug directly into the motherboard (as my speakers are) I don't hear coil whine through my headphones. The case's audio port is connected to the motherboard though. I don't understand why I only get coil whine when I plug in through my case Does anything effect the volume or amount of whine? Does it only happen when playing music? Does drive operation change anything? A Bluetooth headset will not run the sound through the Realtek devices and may give you a clean sound, unless the whine is originating prior in the system. As was menti..

Coil Whine through headphone jack after suspend (linux) I purchased a Dell XPS 13 9360 (the new model). Overall, while clearly audible, I can live with the coil whine from the laptop. However, when I plug in my headphones, I can very clearly hear the coil whine over music while it is playing. When I first boot my laptop, there is only a small. I bought an XPS 13 DE (9360) with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I thought the whine I heard through my headphones was related to the coil whine issue. I updated my BIOS to 2.1 today and I noticed that my laptop was considerably quieter (re the coil whine) until I unplugged it from AC. When using battery power, the coil whine is very noticeable again (mainly through my headphones) especially when using. However, after installing windows 10 and plugging in my earphones to the computer, there is a buzzing (shhhhhhhh) sound that's always there! It increases somewhat in volume when the computer is working harder, and also changes somewhat depending on what I do on the computer. I've tried just running of battery, but it's still there. I have had some similar issues on another laptop when I. Je krijgt geen coil whine geluid in jouw headset door die grafische kaart. Wanneer je spoelen gebruikt dan verandert de lengte onder invloed van de spanning en stroom. Afhankelijk van de frequentie waarmee dat gebeurt krijg je al dan niet hoorbaar geluid. Ik weet niet wat jij hoort maar waarschijnlijk is het geen coil whine als het van je headset afkomstig is. Bedankt voor je snelle antwoord. The 1 kHz whine is coming from the 1 ms frame rate of the USB signal, by the way. It can get into the audio several different ways, though other than the things you've tried (breaking ground loops, using USB hubs), I think any fix would require modification of the circuit board. @DavidLitke yes, balanced cables will improve ground loop problem

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Coil whine is a physical high frequency sound that is radiated from the coils on the GPU PCB, you hear it directly through the air, not via headset/phones or speakers The coil whine is now at a level where it doesn't disturb me even when watching quiet movie scenes on high end headphones, which was my main issue. Thank you very much, engineers! That's 100 percent better. Good job 05-13-2021 04:40 PM #55. Mutaz2019. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message ROG Enthusiast Array Mutaz2019 PC Specs. Mutaz2019 PC Specs: Motherboard: ROG STRIX Z590-F GAMING.

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Coil whine free: PC > USB > TA-ZH1ES > RCA > XLR Converter set to 50% > XLR > Presonus Temblor T10 > XLR > Left & Right speaker. What is going on? Bitperfect output is always at 100% volume so adjusting my volume slider in Windows does nothing. Setting the volume to 50% on the XLR convertor fixes it completely. Why? Last edited: Mar 31, 2019. Sony TA-ZH1ES — Sony MDR-Z1R + Sony DR-Z6 (c1978. There's coil whine with INPUT switch OFF position also for my unit, but with window open and air purifier running I do not notice it. It is my second A30pro and both have had coil whine. You could try getting big cloth mouse mat that absorbs high pitch reflections from desk and some sound absorbing panels to the back wall. If you use speakers. I found that even on lower madvr presets, the coil whine still happens but is less audible. Hi, I think many of us just got our cards and then finding the forums to talk about this. I have the Strix 3090 OC Hello everyone, i received my RTX 3090FE a week ago. In terms of performance everything is great but it has terrible coil whine under load. I can hear the coil whine even through the case and headset. Here a little video of the coil whine (it sounds even worse in real life): YouTube. Noname X

Issue: the GPU's coil whine can be heard through the speakers, especially at high graphical loads. It's the same sound that can be heard I put my ear near the PC case, only it's amplified by the speakers. It changes pitch when moving the wireless mouse, or looking around in games, etc. Things I've tried, and noticed: - Tried connecting the speakers to the motherboard's onboard sound card with. Most onboard soundcards suffer from coil whine or other noise. It's more noticeable on better speakers/headphones. I bought an external DAC and have never looked back. One of the best investments I've made. You'll get great sound quality out of external DAC's as long as you're ok with stereo sound Wenn du mit VSYNC und Headset noch Coil-Whine hörst, ist es wohl unerträglich ohne VSYNC und ohne Headset. Würde ich zurückschicken. #3 Theobald93 (Du musst angemeldet oder registriert sein, um Beiträge verfassen zu können. ) Thema: Wo headset anschließen? <. Coil whine is way more annoying than fan noise, I can hear it through my open headphones. If it were me I'd be getting It replaced. I've replaced a GPU before due to it and my new one had none. Coil whine tends to get worse the higher the frame rate. Luckily my Series X hasn't had any even in the 120fps games I've tried. Getting PS5.

Coil Whine is common on Video Cards these days, but sometimes you can get rid of most of it with this easy solution. Learn more about EVGA's ACX 3.0 cooler.. Headset/Speakers : 2x YAMAHA YST-20 & YAMAHA SUB Woofer: OS : WIN 7 Pro 64 bit RETAIL: Network Router: ASUS GX1105B: Accessory #1 : GELID 12 TC 120mm: Accessory #2 : GELID 12 PWM 140mm : Join Date Nov 2020 Reputation 10 Posts 53. Originally Posted by kokotas. Well excuse me mr.expert if this is the first time I hear a coil whine that bad coming from any electronic component in my pc and I've. Coil Whine occurs with high powered hardware like the PSU & GPU. The high power usage causes certain electronic components in the hardware to start making noises. If it is actually Coil Whine then your best bet is to RMA the GPU card and get another one. There is not much you can do to get rid of Coil Whine besides insulating your Computer case against noises or components in your GPU card. If. I think it is linked to my PC having quite a bit of coil whine because I play games quietly and don't use headphones, so I shouldn't be having issues with games being too loud. It might be because it is a high pitch noise that seems to be a bit grating for my ears, so I'm thinking it could be psychological but I'm not entirely sure whether it is safe. I seem to be very sensitive to stuff like. As for the coil whine, do not hold your breath, I think all boards have it. My M13H has it, my Z590 TUF Plus WiFi has it as well, in the very same conditions. Thing is, they have totally different VRMs, starting with the controller and ending with the actual coils, powerstages, capacitors, everything is different, except for the coil whine. 04-28-2021 06:31 AM #22. pdixon0. View Profile View.

More info on XPS 13 Coil Whine through headphones DOPORUČUJEME: Klikněte zde pro opravu chyb systému Windows a optimalizaci výkonu systému. More info on XPS 13 Coil Whine through headphones CONSIGLIATO: Fai clic qui per correggere gli errori di Windows e ottimizzare le prestazioni del sistema. Hi justinmichaud , does the coil whine 2017 seems to be having this issue. Overall, while clearly audible, I can live XPS 9360 manufactured prior 1st January come from near button 'D' & 'S' ? Kindly refer to this thread too : en.community. Even if you do get coil whine headphones would be an easy way around it. What I'm wondering is if coil whine will lead to a RROD kind of situation with the system. Click to expand... No, it's not a defect. All coils whine, it's just a matter how much you isolate that noise. Reactions: Phunkydiabetic. MasterCornholio Member . Mar 27, 2020 13,505 35,692 720 Uncharted bunghole. Dec 28, 2020 #407.

So you can hear music coming out of the amp itself while no headphone is connected? (Not the coil whine in the video) Cidious said his unit is dead silent (music-wise) so if yours really does play music with its inner parts, there have to be different revisions with different parts being used..... Leiker535 Member. Aug 1, 2021 #1,068. Joined Jul 7, 2020 Messages 41 Likes 26. Aug 1, 2021 #1,068. 1000W should be enough for a 3090. And coil whine is not a side effect of demanding too much power. Unfortunately, newer and newer efficiency requirements require lower and lower switching frequencies that can often drop down into the audible frequency range. That said, the problem could be the cables. Could be the PCIe riser. Any kind of.

Fortunately, like the coil whine on my GPU, my open back headphones dampen it in a way that I don't really hear it even when no audio is playing. gman7722. Member. Oct 24, 2019 39. Nov 19, 2020 #1,014 I think most of us are experiencing a similar sound. Here's what mine sounds like: Dealer A. Member. Jan 13, 2018 296. Nov 19, 2020 #1,015 Mine is relatively quiet when running, especially. I got the new razer blade 15 with rtx2080 max-q right after the release, and it has terrible coil whine. I spent the past month combating this issue by returning it twice and I am currently on my third unit which has the exact same problem. I found a fix for those who don't want to waste your time returning (cuz the new unit has the same problem as well). You can lower the cpu performance to.

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Then I capped it to 30 FPS and the whine is STILL there, even when it draws only 150W of power. On the 3080's I tried, at 270W of power, the cards were silent. What's interesting is on time spy extreme, when I'm drawing like 380-390W of power, the coil whine is much less audible. What in the world does this mean Coil whine with the Nidec fan is very common thing. You're pretty much guaranteed coil whine and the Nidec fan is more than likely the most common fan to find inside of a PS5 with Delta being the second most common, and NMB (Teardown fan) being the most uncommon. strife418. Member. Oct 30, 2017 1,337. Mar 25, 2021 #2,964 Which is the good fan, and how do you know which you have? Mine only. Gerade das Coil Whine der heute angekommenen 3070 Ti FE, das so Lastabhängig ist, macht mich gerade irgendwie unglücklich. Es klingt wie eine Brausetablette in einem Glas Wasser und ist nie. XPS 15 9530 QHD Coil-Whine, Zirpen, Fiepen, Kondensatorpfeifen Hallo, ich habe mir den XPS 15 9530 QHD im April gekauft. Soweit bin ich mit dem Gerät zufrieden bis auf ein paar Punkte: gelegentliches Hängen/Verklemmen des Touchpads (selten) scharfe/harte Kante an der Front, die bei Aufage/Schreiben an den Unterarmen drückt; unterschiedlich fest angezogene Scharniere wodurch auf der rechten. Klar kannst du widerrufen, ich bezweifle das es besser wird. Meine Zotac 1080 hat auch Spulenfiepen, je nach FPS, vor allem > 300. Da wirst du nicht vorbeikommen

Altes E9 = 0,0 Geräusche vom Netzteil, weder idle noch beim spielen noch sonstwo. Neues SP11 = massivstes coil whine/pfeifen/hochfreq. Ton, sobald ich einen Stresstest anmache, sowas hab ich noch. Hey there. Recently ordered my two GTX 980 Matrix Platinum and now i saw this video. I also read a lot about Coil Whine and RMA and the result was that the product works as intended and that this isn't a reason for replacement but to be honest, if i get coil whine on these babys for the money ASUS wants for them im very upset if they dont replace them More info on XPS 13 Coil Whine through headphones AANBEVOLEN: Klik hier om Windows-fouten op te lossen en de systeemprestaties te optimaliseren. Hi justinmichaud , does the coil whine 2017 seems to be having this issue. Overall, while clearly audible, I can live XPS 9360 manufactured prior 1st January come from near button 'D' & 'S' ? Kindly refer to this thread too : en.community.dell.com. i am not a headphones guy at all but with this level of coil whine you really have to wear some headphones, otherwise its driving me insane. hikarutilmitt. Member . Dec 16, 2017 6,961. Jan 15, 2021 #2,704 Knocking on a lot of wood here, but my newer PS5 that just came in this week doesn't have any sounds like the living room launch model does. Either I got a different fan or they made some.

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Ratchetrockon 8 months ago#20. coil whine seems to be a lottery for gpus. i've had two gpus with noticeable coil whine that gets louder when playing games at uncapped frame rate. always wore closed back headphones though so it never bothered me. if the coil whine on ps5 isn't audible unless you are putting your ear next to it i don't think it's. Coil Whine Effects Microphone: Major Issue So today my EVGA GTX 970 SC addition came in and I installed it into my computer as normal. I have a 750 watt corsair power supply and the card runs and preforms beautifully. However when the card is being heavily used, such as intensive HD gaming etc, I can hear a whine emitting specifically from the GPU. I looked it up and it is, of course, coil. When you work or play with headphones or speakers, coil whine can become pretty annoying. Luckily, you can trap all that noise inside the case of your computer. PC enclosures each have their own audio properties, and some are designed to dampen sound or vibration better than others. PC enthusiasts whose cases feature high-density foam, fabric, or other dampening materials will find it easier. Nov 24, 2020. #1,761. The DualSense also has a slight coil whine ish noise when the haptic triggers are engaged wirelessly. You would literally never notice this in usage though, only by holding the controller literally right beside your ear. I wouldn't recommend doing that for a extended period of time though xD Coil whine. Unfortunately Dell still did not fix this issue and the sound for my model was very loud. The issue seems to be connected to the graphic card. For some users, it is possible to reduce it a lot by activating frame buffer compression enable_fbc=1 Intel graphics#Framebuffer compression (enable_fbc). The coil whine will then start again under heavy graphic load. For the touchscreen.

headphone jack I now suffer from coil whine. Is there anything I could try with drivers something I am imagining. I had no coil whine issues on . It is a low, buzzing high-pitched noise that is very irritating. With the new motherboard with a working motherboard the only option? While gaming it sometimes becomes this the old motherboard regardless of what I did. So this is not or the like to. The coil whine is really high and i can hear it with my headphones. Also tried Resident Evil 7 and 2Remake and lots of coil whine too. The thing is, as soon as i ALT TAB or if i set the fps to 60 or 30 in RE2, the coil whine stop instantly! Setting LN2 to low graphics also stop the coil whine but as soon as i push some settings it comes back. Also on Final Fantasy 14, the first game i played.

Question Coil whine through headphones. Thread starter VermilionNeko; Start date Apr 13, 2021; Sidebar. Forums. Hardware. Graphics Cards. Previous Next Sort by votes. VermilionNeko Distinguished. Apr 24, 2014 195 0 18,680 0. Apr 13, 2021 #1 Hi I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, or if I'll even get a reply, but I suspect this is a coil whine issue. Basically, if I try and. My headphones, Turtle Beach DPX21, have always had a buzzing noise when above average volume. Question Annoying buzzing (coil whine?) from new machine: Computer Building: 15: Feb 8, 2021: S: Solved! Problem after assembling my PC parts: Computer Building: 12: Jan 29, 2021: S: Question Weird power up issue with new build.... Computer Building: 4: Dec 26, 2020: H: Question Pc restarting or. Also, the coil whine isn't a problem when I take my headset off, It's basically not noticable at all, but when I put on my headset it's literally a nightmare. Edit. Forgot to mention, I have my headset connected to the front of my PC, when I connect it to the back coil whine seems to go away completely, but my headset is displayed as speakers and audio is really low. © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. #footer_privacy_policy | #footer. Back headphone jack causes high pitch whine, but front doesn't: Headset microphone emitting high-pitched whine and static noise: LOUD screaming whine but perfect pictures! Speakers buzzing and whining when moving mouse or scrolling with mouse. Used a 2pin 250volt power cable with my Beyer A20 , caused Coil Whine(noise) ?

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  1. hi, I have a coil whine issue in my rig which is very frustrating (with headphones we hear much better on my speakers i can't hear it and I assure you it's audible IRL) I had read that this kind of coil whine is not dangerous for the devices , whether it is the power supply or the..
  2. Coil whine often starts after a certain time of using a device - days, months. Since it actually is caused by physical motion of components in high frequency circuits (i.e. coils in power delivery, backlight inverters and such, but many components can actually be the source, like ceramic caps), they can work themselves looser over time and gradually become louder. It sure is annoying, but not.
  3. Hi all, I've just purchased a RM1000X after my previous Corsair CX750M seemed to cause system to power cycle under peak loads when over-clocking. The RM1000X has completely resolved this issue, however this PSU has possibly the worlds loudest coil whine / buzzing. This occurs when both on normal.

Can coil whine be heard through headphones? Coil whine will originate from the card and will not be heard through the headphones. Why do my headphones make a high pitched noise? You may experience distorted and high-pitched sound coming out from your laptop's speaker or even if you plugged the earphones or headphones. The faulty audio and sound configuration can cause this sound problem or. I have a very high coil whine coming from my pc and i believe it is coming from the psu (750HX). It's an intermittent whine that i only hear from time to time so it is really hard to locate from where it is coming from. I really don't know what is causing it since it can just randomly occur no ma..

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  1. Coil whine is also affected by fps. It's often louder at 100+ fps. So make sure to use vsync. I personally run my 165hz monitor at 100hz because: 1- It's enough. 2- My rtx2080s cannot do 165hz. 3- In rare cases where it can do 165hz, it often causes coil whine. No, it's effected by load. More load = more power, more power = more coilwhine
  2. g
  3. I can hear it over headphones and speakers I can hear it from my sitting position with audio muted I have to get within one metre of my console to hear it I haven't experienced PS5 coil whine
  4. According to NVDA this coil buzz is from the vibrations of the inductor coils and there are many on the 3090. If indeed there is something systemically wrong in my house mains, are there any tests for it? Shouldn't the RM1000i kind of 'fix' anything weird going on in the mains

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  1. The coil whine can be loud enough to be heard over the sound of the graphics card fan(s), over speakers, or even through open-backed headphones. How can you fix coil whine? Unfortunately, if your hardware is suffering from coil whine, there's very little you can do about it. in some cases, it is possible to dampen the vibration by applying silicone to the inductor, however, this isn't.
  2. g, it's fine. I get no whine through my headphones and the mic transmits no whine whatsoever. But as soon as I ramp my GPU up, I get some whine through my headphones and massive whine that transmits through the microphone.
  3. First one. SaLaDiN666 said: Every GPU has coil whine, it is just a matter of fps and your age. The older you are, the higher chance of you not being able to hear the whine. And cheaper versions of any models are more prone to it. Change the model of your gpu, limit your fps or play with a headset on

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  1. If you have High Pitched Whine from PC speakers and Headphones then we strongly recommend that you Download (High Pitched Whine from PC speakers and Headphones) Repair Tool
  2. g just under the processor and some high pitched whining noise somewhere around the middle of the laptop and these noises are constant (it is there even when idle). Plugging in something (for example a headphone) to the USB-C port makes coil whine.
  3. Coil whine is a mechanical noise and if associated with high-performance graphics use, it should still make the mechanical noise whether you use speakers or headphones. Where are the headphones connected? The PC, or a headphone jack on the Mackie speakers? The fact that it goes away when using headphones, and behavior changed when changing the ground on the speaker implies another source of.
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Coil whine, as Linus from Techquickie's YouTube channel explains, is a phenomenon found in a lot of technology today, but especially in video cards. It usually occurs when a component is working. Coil Whine/Zirpen bei der XFX 5700 XT. Ersteller des Themas Brink_01; Erstellungsdatum 26. November 2019 ; B. Brink_01 Captain. Dabei seit Nov. 2009 Beiträge 3.646. 26. November 2019 #1 Hallo. I have, however, dealt with coil whine on newer GPUs (GTX 970 was awful to the point I couldn't use it and gave up trying to upgrade to it, and GTX 1060 exhibited a bit). Whether it's simply moving a cursor or scrolling, something is reacting to the change within the PC and it sounds like you are hearing that sound directly, or being passed on through interference out the speaker